III International Nikolay Rubinstein Competition of Chamber Ensembles and String Quartets
23 September 2017 - 28 September 2017

The competition founder and organizer:
Moscow State Conservatory P. I. Tchaikovsky 

Jury of the Competition

Well-known musicians, both performers and pedagogues from all over the world are invited to the Jury of the Competition. This year the Jury consists of:

  • Tigran Alikhanov (Russia) — Chairman
  • Alexander Bonduryansky (Russia)
  • Gauchar Murzabekova (Kazakhstan)
  • Elena Semishina (Russia)
  • Michaela Girardi (Austria)
  • Alexander Bonduryansky (Russia)
  • Augustinas Vasiliauskas (Litva)
  • Irina Menkova (Russia)


1 Round
(on video recordings, the duration must not exceed 20 minutes)

One original work created before 1830 (no expositions repeated)

II Round
(Duration - not more than 45 minutes)

Two original compositions:

  1. A significant work of one of the following composers:
    F. Schubert
    R. Schumann
    F. Chopin
    F. Mendelssohn- Bartholdy
    J. Brahms
    A. Dvorak
    B. Smetana
    H. Wolf
    E. Chausson
    G. Faure.
  2. One work composed in the twentieth century.

III Round

A significant work of one of the following Russian composers:
M. Glinka
A. Alyabyev
A. Borodin
P. Tchaikovsky
N. Rimsky-Korsakov
S. Taneyev
A. Glazunov
A. Arensky
A. Rachmaninov
N. Medtner
A. Grechaninov
N. Tcherepnin
A. Rubinstein

Each composition may be performed in one Round only.

Performance of separate parts is allowed for I and II Rounds.

In the III Round the works must be performed entirely.


  1. The competition is open to ensembles with the average age limit of the participants not exceeding 30 years and the age of the eldest member of the ensemble at the time of submitting application not more than 32 years. The teacher of the ensemble is not allowed to participate in the ensemble.
  2. The following types of chamber ensembles are allowed to participation:
    • String and wind instruments with piano (the number of ensemble members — at least three);
    • Piano duo (two pianos and piano in four hands);
    • String Quartet.
  3. One musician is not allowed to the participation in more than one ensemble. Otherwise, the Organizing Committee will remove at its own discretion one of the ensembles with the same musician.
  4. The deadline for submission of the applications is June 15, 2017
  • the application should include:
    • a carefully filled out application form (in .doc file format)
    • scanned documents certifying the participant’s identity and age:
      • Russian nationals – please consult the Russian version of the regulations
      • foreign nationals:

a scan of the passport (the pages with photograph, birth date and personal signature required)

a scan of the ID-card

      • stateless persons:

a scan of the certificate of identity,  or alien’s passport, or any other applicable ID documents (the pages with photograph, birth date and personal signature required)

    • a scanned document confirming contestant's music education level (diploma of completed studies)
    • a scanned certificate from the employer (for employed) or from the educational institution (for students) confirming the current employment/studies
    • a curriculum vitae:
      • in .doc or .docx file format
      • limited by one page A4
      • including information about date and place of birth, educational institution (current and/or graduated), years of studies, teachers, previous competitions (year, place and award), any other important information
    • a scanned recommendation from the educational institution (high school, college etc.) or from two renowned musicians
    • one digital photo (for ensemble):
      • neutral background
      • portrait type
      • resolution exceeding 300 dpi
      • file size exceeding 2Mb
      • JPG, PNG and TIFF file formats accepted
      • failure to comply with these conditions may involve an automatic rejection of the application by the Organizing Committee
    • a scanned receipt of payment of the entrance fee
    • a scan of the signed permission granted to the Organizing committee for personal data processing
    • the video recording of the program of the qualifying (1st) round — in the form of links to file — sharing sites in one of the formats avi, mov, wmv, mp4, professional DVD quality high resolution or HD link should lead to the same file available for download without passwords, and captcha — the link must not contain p2p-content — link should not be public, submit a YouTube or similar services;
  • all the documents and photos should be sent by e-mail to artmosconsv@gmail.com
  • all the contestants allowed to the I Round of the Competition will be officially informed about the admission to the Competition and the required date of arrival by July 1, 2017
  • no changes allowed to the program indicated in the application form
  • entrance fee, non-refundable under any circumstances, is entrance fee, non-refundable under any circumstances, is 
    o    3000 (three thousand) Russian rubles 
     payable by Russian nationals and residents from Russian territory

    o    60 (sixfty) US dollars or 55 (fifty five) Euros 
    payable by Russian nationals and residents from abroad
    payable by foreign nationals

The entrance fee should be paid to the Moscow State Conservatory bank account.

5. In case of failure of candidates to participate in the contest, as well as in the case of the jury’s decision on the non-admission of the ensemble to participate in the II round of competition, documents, DVD recording and the participation fee are not refundable.

  1. Not later than July 1, 2017 all the ensembles admitted to the II round of the Competition will be notified by e-mail, incl. about the date of arrival at the II round of competition.
  2. The participants of these ensembles should arrive in Moscow on the dates specified in the notification.


  1. The Organizing Committee announces three awards and two diplomas:
    First prize – 200 000 RUR
    Second prize – 150 000 RUR
    Third prize – 100 000 RUR
    Two diplomas – 50 000 RUR
  2. Each Ensemble allowed to the III Round and not receiving awards and diplomas, will be mentioned with diplomas of merit.
  3. All monetary prizes will be paid in Russian rubles withholding the taxes applicable on the territory of the Russian Federation.
  4. In order to receive the cash value of the prize participants must submit the following documents:
    for Russian citizens — passport, pension insurance certificate, TIN
    for foreign participants (including the CIS) — Passport
  5. The Jury has the right not to award all the prizes or to share the awards.
  6. Additional prizes may be awarded with the approval of the Organizing Committee to the participants of the second and third Rounds by governmental, non-governmental or commercial organizations, foundations, artistic unions, mass media and private individuals. The decisions on special prizes and awards are taken by the Jury.