The 11th International Composers’ Competition for the 11th International Wind/Percussion Competition

28 August 2019 - 03 September 2019 |

The Competition Laureates:
Victor Zinoviev (Russia). Kadenza for solo bassoon
Ninio Kesem (Israel). And Death Took Them Both for solo tenor trombone

1. General Provisions

1.1. The name of the competition is The International Composers’ Competition for Composing a Mandatory Piece to Be Performed at the Second Round of the Moscow Conservatory’s Eleventh International Competition of Performers on Wind and Percussion Instruments (hereinafter to be referred to as “the Competition”).
1.2. The founder of the Competition is Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory (hereinafter to be referred to as “the Conservatory”).
1.3. The Competition will be held during a time period from 28 August till 3 September 2019.

2. The Jury

Members of the jury will be announced later.

3. Prizes and Awards

3.1 The Organizing Committee of the Competition has established the following prizes:

  • for the best piece for solo bassoon: 25,000 rubles;
  • for the best piece for solo tenor trombone: 25,000 rubles.

3.2. All the prizes will be paid to the Competition laureates in rubles, with taxes to be deducted under Russia’s legislation.
3.3. Pieces composed by the Competition laureates will be mandatory for their performance at the Second Round of the Moscow Conservatory’s Eleventh International Competition of Performers on Wind and Percussion Instruments.
3.4. The jury has the right to recommend that the Conservatory publish the Competition pieces whose authors will not be awarded.

4. The Competition Procedure

4.1. The Competition will be held in two nominations:

  • a piece for solo bassoon;
  • a piece for solo tenor trombone.

4.2. Any composers, with no restrictions whatsoever, may participate in the Competition.
4.3. Every applicant may submit no more than one piece in each nomination.
4.4. No pieces earlier published, publicly performed or awarded at any other competitions may participate in the Competition.
4.5. The Competition piece may not last shorter than five minutes and longer than seven minutes.
4.6. The score of the Competition piece must be submitted under the participant’s identifying password, with no author’s name shown anywhere.
4.7. No scores with any names or signs that could disclose their authors will be admitted to the Competition.
4.8. The Competition results will be published not later than 5 September 2019.
4.9. All decisions of the jury shall be final and irrevocable.

5. The Procedure of Applying

5.1. The deadline for submitting the application, the score and the documents shall be 26 August 2019.
5.2. The Competition’s official e-mail is:
5.3. In order to participate in the Competition, scanned copies of the following documents must be forwarded at its official e-mail address:

  • 5.3.1. the questionnaire, filled out and personally signed (download *.doc);
  • 5.3.2. the competing score (*.pdf only) marked by the applicant’s identifying password only.

5.4. In the event an applicant refuses to participate in the Competition, neither the scans of his/her documents nor his/her score will be returned.
5.5. The fact of forwarding the application shall mean the applicant’s unconditional consent with all the provisions of these Regulations.

6. Special Provision

These Regulations are published on the Conservatory’s official website both in Russian and in English. In the event any disputes or disagreements arise in the interpretation of any provisions of these Regulations, the version published in Russian shall prevail.

7. Contact Information

The Competition’s Organizing Committee:
Department for Festivals, Competitions and Special Events of Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory’s Center for Coordinating Artistic Projects
Mailing address: 13/6 Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street, Bld. 1, Moscow, 125009, Russia
Telephone: +7 (495) 627 7274