Multifunctional Student Complex

Director of the Complex:
Alexander Yevtenko

The old and new buildings of the dormitory are part of the project of the Multifunctional Student Complex for students of the Moscow Conservatory and are located in the center of Moscow.

The old dormitory building, located at 26 Malaya Gruzinskaya St., bld. 1, is a five-storey brick building. Around 650 people in total can reside there, one fourth of whom are foreign students.

Every room is equipped with one vertical piano and designed for two people. There are rehearsal classes in the dormitory for additional practice.

There are washing machines in the laundry area and a storage room in the basement.

There are conditions for leisure in the dormitory: a home theater in the dining-room on the first floor, as well as sports grounds located nearby.

Administrators (working from 9 AM to 10 PM):
Tel.: 8 (499) 609 3538, 253 0090

Dormitory duty (working 24 hours):
Tel.: 8 (499) 255 1924

Security guards:
Tel. 8 (499) 253 17 70

Dining-room for 48 seats (working from 10 AM to 10 PM)

41 rehearsal rooms (opened from 7 AM to midnight), of which:

  • 35 rooms for pianists & violinists;
  • 4 rooms for chamber orchestra;
  • 2 rooms for harpsichordists.


The new dormitory building, located at 24 Malaya Gruzinskaya St., bld. 3, has 14–15 storeys.

The building is fully equipped for low-mobility people and has two elevators.

The new building has 156 residential rooms designed for 298 people. The room stock, including 4 rooms for low-mobility people, has:

  • 100 two-bed rooms for 2 people each;
  • 28 two-room apartments for 2 people each;
  • 14 high-comfort rooms for 2 people each;
  • 14 high-comfort rooms for 1 person each.

All the rooms are equipped with: either a bathroom or a shower area, a washing machine, and furniture (closets, beds, tables, chairs).

Both two-room apartments and high-comfort rooms have a kitchen.

There are kitchens of common usage, equipped with stoves, refrigerators and ironing sectors, on each floor of the new building.

There is also a medical center in the new building.

Alexander Yevtenko

Director of the Complex

Ekaterina Kotlyar

Deputy Director for Work with Students