Department for International Cooperation

International Activity

Being a world famous music university, the Moscow conservatory possesses a developed system of the international communications including:

  • an intensive information exchange with musical centers and institutes of the world
  • participation of students and teachers of the Moscow conservatory in the international artistic events such as competitions, festivals and wide ranged cultural programs
  • various forms of exchanges in the sphere of teaching and training (master-classes, exchange of student’s groups, joint orchestras and stage performances)
  • participation in international scholar organizations and research projects, international research meetings (conferences, symposiums)
  • organization on its own base of the international artistic and scholar events: such as festivals, competitions, conferences, etc.
  • representation in international music organizations (for example, in Association of the European conservatories)

For realization of the international projects in the Moscow conservatory there is a Department for International Cooperation. Department builds up international contacts of the Moscow conservatory according to operating governmental programs of interstate cooperation, and also on the basis of bilateral agreements with foreign institutes and musical organizations.

Annually the Moscow conservatory receives within the limits of contracts on cooperation several students’ groups for short-term acquaintance with Russian pedagogical traditions. There are constantly given master-classes of well-known masters of musical art from different countries, joint concerts and other creative projects are going on.

Annual festivals of the Moscow conservatory enjoy international recognition; the examples of such are Moscow Forum, Universe of Sound, Pekarsky Percussion Days, Heart of Japan, Moscow Organ Festival, Autumn Choral Festival of the Moscow conservatory, etc.

The Moscow conservatory considers it to be a matter of great importance to present Russian musical culture abroad. In this connection it organizes together with Embassies and the cultural centers of Russia in different countries of the world, Festivals of Russian music, Evenings of the Moscow conservatory, master-classes and lectures of the Moscow conservatory teachers.

Not a small number of teachers and students of the conservatory get an opportunity to follow training in various research and educational centers of Europe, America and Asia. The activity of the Moscow conservatory in the field of international communications is noted by many diplomas and thank-you letters of foreign musical organizations, Embassies and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

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Office for Coordination of International Programs

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