Nadezhda<br /> Ignatieva


  • Ph.D. in Art Studies
  • Senior Assistant Professor

Musicologist. PhD in art studies. Main scholarly interests concern the area of early Italian music, though aren’t limited to it. E-mail:

Graduated from the Alfred Schnittke College of Music (undergraduate, 2006), then from Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory: graduate program (2011) and postgraduate studies of musicology (with Assc. Prof. Roman Nassonov, 2015). PhD thesis on the texts from Giovanni Battista Guarini’s Il pastor fido, used in Mantuan composers’ madrigals in the historical context of la seconda pratica of the 16th and early 17th centuries, was defended at the Moscow Conservatory (2017).

Teacher at the Heinrich Neuhaus Children’s Music School (2011–15). Researcher at the Department of Music and Culture of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts (2016–19). Consultant and translator for the concert series The Art of Madrigal by the Bach-Consort Ensemble (2019). Editor of the Moscow Conservatory’s website (since 2009). Senior lecturer at the Moscow University for the Humanities (2012–16) and at the Moscow Conservatory’s Interfaculty Department of Music Technology (since 2022).

Author of scholarly articles published in various Russia’s magazines and newspapers. Participant of international conferences on a regular basis. Announcer and presenter at various concerts.