Alexander<br /> Solovyev


  • Professor

Born in Moscow, 1978.

Graduated from the Gnessins State Music College (teacher: Asst. Prof. Vladimir Lyubarsky), then from Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory, both graduate and post-graduate studies (teacher: Prof. Boris Tevlin, People’s Artist of Russia). Participated in master classes “Russia’s Choral Conductors: Russian Choral Singing” (1998 & 2000), as well as in those taught by Prof. Kuno Areng (Estonia, 1997) and Prof. Eric Ericson (Sweden, 2001).

He has been teaching at the Choral Conducting Department of Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory since 2004; Asst. Prof. at the Contemporary Choral Performing Art Department there since 2011.

During 1997–2012, he sang at the Moscow Conservatory Chamber Choir directed by Prof. Boris Tevlin: Director since 2000, Choirmaster since 2003, Chief Choirmaster since 2009, Artistic Director since 2012. Participated in various international choral competitions and music festivals, as well as in concert tours (Austria, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Poland, Switzerland, and the USA).

Conductor at the Lenkom Moscow Theater (directed by Mark Zakharov, People’s Artist of the USSR) since 1998.

He has been conducting various choral groups (students’, children’s, amateurs’ and folklore ones) since 1994: at the Isaak Dunayevsky Children Music School, as well as at preliminary courses in the Central Music School, the German-Russian House and the Music Department of the State University of Pedagogy, all in Moscow.

In 2004, the Female Choir directed by Alexander Solov’yov won the Grand Prix at an International Choral Competition “Sounding Moscow.” In 2006, the Student Choir of the Music Department of the Moscow State University of Pedagogy became a laureate of the First Sergey Taneyev All-Russian Sacred Music Festival-Competition in the city of Klin (Moscow Region), having won a diploma “For a Professional Performance of the Program in the Best Traditions of Russian Choral School.”

Since 2005, an artistic director and conductor of a premiere staging of Issei Tsukamoto’s opera “O-Natsu” in Russia at the festival “The Soul of Japan” (directed by Asst. Prof. Margarita Karatygina).

Since 2008, Artistic Director’s Assistant and Choirmaster of Russia’s Alexander Sveshnikov State Academic Choir directed by Prof. Boris Tevlin; currently a guest conductor.

In 2008, Alexander Solov’yev founded a Concert Choir at the Moscow State University of Pedagogy, which became a laureate of both the “Festos-2008” festival-competition of students’ creative works and the Choral Congress of the Forum “Classics” Moscow Music Festival. For the four years of its activities, the Concert Choir has participated in over sixty programs, including those performed at the international festivals “Moscow Autumn,” “We Gather Friends,” “The Universe of Sound,” “The Soul of Japan,” “Heritage: Russian Music in the 18th–19th-century world culture,” at a festival “Organ Plus in Tsaritsyno,” at Tolib Shakhidi’s recital, at the All-Russian Festival “Heritage” and at a concert in memories of Prof. Vladislav Sokolov and Oleg Yanchenko respectively, at Prof. Natalia Vedernikova’s and Roman Ledenyov’s anniversary concerts, as well as at various other projects.

Director of the Moscow Conservatory’s Autumn Choral Festival since 2005. Choirmaster, director and coordinator of a master class “The National Youth Choir of Russia’s Conservatories” since 2007. In 2010, Director of both the Festival in Honor of the 15th Anniversary of the Chamber Choir and Boris Tevlin’s Choral Festival in the Kremlin.

Member of the juries of various international choral competitions in Austria, China, Germany and the USA since 2009. Russia’s official representative at the “Choral Meetings Worldwide” Council of the International Association “Interkultur” (President Mr. Günter Tietsch) since 2012.

Among Alexander Solov’yev’s pupils, there are Laura Carvajal (Ecuador), Wang Chao (China), Borja Quintaz (Spain), Chiaki Shirai (Japan) and others.

Author of musicological researches on William Walton’s oeuvre, as well as of liners for CDs and various other publications.

Laureate of the Mikhaylo Lomonosov Award (2007) and the Anniversary Medal “Twenty Years of the International Musicians’ Union” (2010).

There is mainly contemporary music within the circle of Alexander Solov’yev’s creative interests. Both renowned composers and young authors of Russia are happy to entrust their scores to the conductor. A CD “The Mosaics of Feelings” has been published: it contains the recordings of works by today’s composers for chorus and chamber ensembles.

Chief Guest Conductor of the “Educational Bridge” Project Festival Choir in Boston (USA) since October, 2012.

Artistic Director of the International Open Festival of Arts “Dedicated to the Victory Day” since 2013.

Assistant Professor



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