The Third International Competition of Young Composers

8 апреля 2019 г. - 21 апреля 2019 г., Концертный зал имени Н.Я. Мясковского | Сompetitions

Laureates of the Competition:

1st Category

1st Prize: Timofey Ipatov (Russia)

2nd Prizes:
Veronika Korotchenko (Russia)
Tatyana Shul'gina (Russia)

3rd Prize: Yuliya Smirnova (Belarus)

Severina Kurnikova (Russia)
Daria Shiryaeva (Belarus)

2nd Category

1st Prize: not awarded

2nd Prizes:
Maria Polakova (Russia)
Ekaterina Belykh (Russia)

3rd Prize: Andrey Artem'yev (Russia)

Vladislav Lebedev (Russia)
Zlata Zagorodnyaya (Russia)

Alexander Chaykovsky’s personal prize: Anastasia Astakhova (Russia)

Special award from the Foundation Palette of the Universe: Severina Kurnikova (Russia)

Congratulations to the winners!

1. General Provisions

1.1. The name of the competition is The Third International Competition of Young Composers (hereinafter to be referred to as “the Competition”).
1.2. The founder of the Competition is Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory (hereinafter to be referred to as “the Conservatory”).
1.3. The Competition will be held on 8–21 April 2019.
1.4. The Competition is held on a biannual basis.

2. The Jury of both Elimination and Second Rounds

Chairman: Leonid Bobylev (Russia)

Cao Đình Thắng (Vietnam)
Irina Dubkova (Russia)
Elena Evtushevskaya (Russia)
Valery Kikta (Russia)
Angelica Komissarenko (Russia)
Sergey Nesterov (Russia)
Valentina Safonova (Russia)

3. Prizes and Awards

3.1. The Organizing Committee of the Competition has established the following prizes and awards:

  • the 1st prize: 15,000 rubles;
  • the 2nd prize: 10,000 rubles;
  • the 3rd prize: 5000 rubles;
  • Alexander Chaykovsky’s personal prize: 5000 rubles;
  • Special award from the Foundation Palette of the Universe: 5000 rubles;
  • two diplomas.

3.2. The jury of the second round may either abstain from awarding any prize or divide the amount of any of the prizes within the established prize budget.

3.3. Upon the Organizing Committee’s consent, any public organizations, including foundations and/or mass media, may establish any additional prizes, awards and/or gifts for the competitors. Decisions on the awarding of any special prizes and/or gifts to the competitors will be made by the jury of the second and third rounds of the Competition.

4. The Competition Procedure

4.1. Each competitor must submit his/her own composition in a free form either for a solo instrument or for an ensemble of five performers maximum. Electronic and/or electroacoustic pieces are admitted to participate.
4.2. The Competition is open for young composers at the age from seven to seventeen full years (inclusive) as of the first day of the Competition. The Competition will be held for children of two categories:

  • 1st category — aged from seven to eleven full years (as of 8 April 2019);
  • 2nd category — aged from twelve to seventeen full years (as of 8 April 2019).

4.3. The duration of the piece to be submitted shall be:

  • for the competitors of the 1st category — between five and ten minutes;
  • for the competitors of the 2nd category — between ten and fifteen minutes.

4.4. Each competitor must submit a maximum of one piece composed by him/her personally.
4.5. No pieces earlier published or performed publicly may participate in the elimination round of the Competition.
4.6. The Competition consists of two rounds. The first round shall be an eliminating one. The jury of the first round shall decide who may participate in the second round on the basis of the scores and/or audio recordings of the pieces submitted for the first round. The second round will be held publicly at the Nikolay Myaskovsky Concert Hall. The laureate of the Competition shall organize the concert performance of his/her piece himself/herself.
4.7. The results of every round will be announced publicly upon its completion and then published on the Conservatory’s website.
4.8. All decisions of both juries shall be final and irrevocable.

5. The Procedure of Applying

5.1. The deadline of submitting the application, the documents, the score and the audio recording of the piece shall be 1 April 2019.
5.2. The Competition’s official e-mail address shall be:
5.3. In order to participate in the Competition, scanned copies of the following documents must be forwarded at its official e-mail address:
5.3.1. the questionnaire, filled out and personally signed by the competitior’s parent or legal representative (download *.doc);
5.3.2. the consent for processing personal data of the competitor signed by his/her parent or legal representative (download *.doc);
5.3.3. the birth certificate and the front page of the competitor’s passport (if there is one);
5.3.4. one artistic photo on a neutral background, a minimum resolution of 300 dpi;
5.3.5. the competitor’s brief artistic biography (*.doc and *.docx only) containing information about his/her place of study/work, year of study at the time of the Competition (if a student), teachers, earlier participation in any other competitions (including the year, place and award), as well as any other information that the competitor considers essential for the Organizing Committee;
5.3.6. a receipt confirming the payment of a registration fee;
5.3.7. the score of the piece to be submitted for the Competition (if there is one, *.pdf only), marked by the competitor’s identifying password only;
5.3.8. an audio-recording of the piece submitted for the Competition (*.mp3 only); no video recordings are admitted. In case the score of the piece doesn’t exist, the competitor’s identifying password must be identical to the name of the mp3-file to be submitted for the Competition.
5.4. No scores containing any signs, names or other personal information will be allowed to participate in the Competition.
5.5. An anonymous list of the second-round competitors’ identifying passwords will be published on the Conservatory’s official website not later than 15 April 2019.
5.6. The Organizing Committee may reject any application that does not meet any of the requirements indicated above.
5.7. In the event an applicant refuses to participate in the Competition, neither the scans of his/her documents nor the registration fee he/she paid out will be returned.
5.8. The fact of forwarding the application shall mean the applicant’s unconditional consent with all the provisions of these Regulations.

6. Financial Terms

6.1. The registration fee for participation in the Competition will be, optionally:
either 1500 Russian rubles, or 23 US dollars, or 20 euros.

6.2. The registration fee for participation in the Competition must be forwarded to any of the following bank accounts:

6.2.1. in Russian roubles:
See the Competition webpage in Russian for details;

6.2.2. in US dollars:
Correspondent Bank: The Bank of New York, USA
IBAN: 890-0057-610
Beneficiary Bank: Sberbank of Russia, Moscow
Beneficiary Customer: Moscow State Conservatoire named after P. I. Tchaikovsky
Address: 13/6 Bolshaya Nikitskaya Ulitsa, Moscow, 125009, Russia
TIN: 7703107663
Account No.: 40503840438110200266
Purpose of the Payment: Participation in the Third International Competition of Young Composers

6.2.3. in euros:
Correspondent Bank: Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt-am-Main
IBAN: 10094987261000
Beneficiary Bank: Sberbank of Russia, Moscow
Beneficiary Customer: Moscow State Conservatoire named after P. I. Tchaikovsky
Address: 13/6 Bolshaya Nikitskaya Ulitsa
TIN: 7703107663
Account No.: 40503978538111000266
Purpose of the Payment: Participation in the Third International Competition of Young Composers

6.3. All transportation and other expenses directly or indirectly related to participation in the Competition shall be paid either by the competitors themselves or by their sponsoring organizations.

6.4. All prizes and awards will be paid to the Competition laureates in rubles, with taxes to be deducted under Russia’s legislation.

7. Special Provisions

7.1. The Conservatory shall be the only owner of an exclusive copyright for audio- and/or video-recording, as well as for any radio, TV and/or online translation of the concert of the laureates of the Competition.
7.2. The competitors will receive no remuneration for their participation in the Competition.
7.3. These Regulations are published on the Conservatory’s website both in Russian and in English. In the event any disputes or disagreements arise in the interpretation of any provisions of these Regulations, the version published in Russian shall prevail.

8. Contact Information

The Competition’s Organizing Committee:
Department for Festivals, Competitions and Special Events of Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory’s Center for Artistic Projects Coordination
Mailing address: 13/6 Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street, Bld. 1, Moscow, 125009, Russia
Telephone: +7 (495) 627 7274