Preliminary School

Additional Training Information for Foreign and Stateless Citizens Entering the Preparatory Division for Both Graduate and Post-graduate Education Programs

Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory (hereinafter to be referred to as “the Conservatory”) offers a series of additional training courses in the area of concert performance and other artistic majors for foreign and stateless citizens who plan to enter the Conservatory for both graduate and post-graduate education programs. Applicants with at least an elementary level of education who successfully pass an artistic exam on their majors will be admitted. All the additional training programs are taught full-time and provided on a commercial basis only.

The preliminary absentee listening to the applicants’ video recordings will be organized every year during a time period
from 15 March to 15 June. In order to participate in his/her absentee audition, the applicant has to send an application
in a free form about his/her intention to enter the Preparatory Division to the Dean’s Office e-mail:
The application has to be accompanied by:

  • (a) an indication of the full name of the teacher with whom the applicant intends to study (the desire will be taken into account; however, an assignment to the specified teacher is not guaranteed);
  • (b) a brief artistic biography (in a free form);
  • (c) a list of the pieces performed in the video recording (in the same order), according to the requirements for the applicants’ respective training programs (see the Requirements section below);
  • (d) an active URL to the corresponding video file.


  • (1) The video recording has to be made with a still camera as a single frame: no editing is allowed.
  • (2) The video recording has to be made not earlier than six months prior to its presentation to the Dean’s Office.
  • (3) Video files forwarded as e-mail attachments will be ignored.

In case the Commission makes a positive decision upon the results of the preliminary absentee audition, the enrollee will receive
a recommendation to participate in the personal entrance test (an examination on his/her major), which takes place twice a year:
(1) 1–10 June; (2) 5–14 September. The applicants who decide to participate in their entrance test in September will get from the Conservatory an official invitation to enter Russia.

In case the applicant recommended to participate in his/her personal entrance test cannot appear in due time for any objective reasons (force-majeure circumstances), the Commission’s final decision with regard to his/her recommendation to study
at the Preparatory Division will be made not later than 14 September of the coming academic year.

Every applicant must submit the following documents:

  • (1) his/her personal request in Russian addressed to the Conservatory Rector;
  • (2) his/her passport or another personal ID;
  • (3) original certificates of his/her education (including the academic transcript) with their notarized Russian translations;
  • (4) six photos;
  • (5) an international medical certificate on the absence of HIV;
  • (6) chest examination result (fluorography).

In the event the artistic test is passed successfully, the applicant will have to sign an agreement with the Conservatory
on the rendering of educational services to him/her, as well as will have to submit an international or local medical insurance
for a period of his/her future studies.

The applicants are to be provided with a dormitory for the time period of their personal entrance test in September and their subsequent training. All information regarding the Conservatory’s dormitory may be found here.

A usual length of the studies is 9.5 months, lasting from 15 September to 30 June inclusive. The program may be repeated upon
a teacher’s recommendation and the trainee’s request. The following courses (with an indication of the number of academic hours per year) are included into the program:

Courses Majors        
  Piano Academic
Opera and Symphony
Orchestra Conducting
Composition Others
Russian Language 640 hours 640 hours 640 hours 640 hours 640 hours
basic major 72 hours 108 hours 72 hours 72 hours 72 hours
Music History 72 hours 72 hours 72 hours 72 hours 72 hours
Solfege 72 hours 72 hours 72 hours 36 hours 72 hours
Harmony 72 hours 72 hours 36 hours 72 hours
Basic Piano 36 hours 36 hours 36 hours 36 hours
Music Theory 72 hours
Counterpoint 36 hours** 36 hours
Instrumentation 36 hours
Music Analysis 36 hours
Art of Accompaniment* 36 hours*

* For trainees who are going to enter a graduate program.
** For trainees who are going to enter a post-graduate program.

The Conservatory will conclude an agreement with the trainee on the rendering of educational services on a commercial basis
after he/she submits all the necessary documents and successfully passes his/her artistic test. An agreement on the rendering
of educational services on a commercial basis (for a purpose of studying at the Preparatory Division) may be concluded either
by a person not younger than 18 years of age or by an underage trainee’s authorized representative under a warranty for representation of his/her interests with a signatory right. In order to conclude an agreement with the trainee’s representative, documents certifying the identities of both the underage trainee and his/her representative have to be provided.

The cost of the studies for every academic year is to be established in the preceding academic year by an order
of the Conservatory Rector. The cost of the studies for the academic year 2023–24 is 721,251.00 (seven hundred twenty-one thousand two hundred and fifty-one) Russian rubles.

The trainee who successfully passes the Preparatory Division program — that is, who passes the current, intermediate and final attestations (both in his/her major and in the Russian Language course) — will receive a Certificate in the form established
by the Conservatory. Upon completion of the Preparatory Division program, the certified trainees will take their entering exams
in the area of concert performance or other artistic majors of the Conservatory’s graduate and post-graduate education programs
on equal bases with local applicants.