Natalia<br /> Savkina


  • Ph.D. in Art Studies
  • Associate Professor

Member of the Composers’ Union of Russia

Ph.D. thesis: “The formation of Prokofiev’s operatic style: Oundine and Maddalena” (1989)
Lecturer on the history of Russia’s music of the 18th–20th centuries to performers and musicologists.
Author of nearly 150 works, 22 of them are published abroad (in English, French, German, Polish and Bulgarian).
As part of a team of authors, awarded with the prize of the Fine Arts Academy of France for participation in preparing the Soviet Art Exhibition catalog (Article “… Parce qu’il était perdu, et qu’il est retrouvé ” // Lénine, Staline et la musique. Fayard, Cité de la musique, 2010).

Awarded with research grants for working at:
• La Bibliothèque nationale (Paris; 1994, 2005)
• Paul Sacher Stiftung (Basel; 1998)
• The Prokofiev Archive (London; 1997, 2011, 2018)

Author of the monographs:
• Sergei Sergeyevich Prokofiev (1981): six editions in the USA, Germany and other countries
• “On the history of composing The Fiery Angel by Sergei Prokofiev.” Published by the Moscow Conservatory (2015)

Articles and materials on various issues of Russia’s twentieth-century music, as well as on the oeuvre of Sergey Prokofiev, Gennady Rozhdestvensky, Boris Chaykovsky, Russian emigre composers (Vladimir Dukelsky), and others. Selected articles published in the journals: Music Academy (Russia), Musicology (Russia), The Three Oranges (the Serge Prokofiev Foundation), as well as by the Moscow Conservatory Herald:
• Three portraits and the denouement: from observations on the style of Maddalena (1990)
• Back in the USSR (2001)
• The significance of Christian Science in Prokofiev’s life and work (2005)
• Christian Science in Prokofiev’s life (2007)
• From the history of an unrealized idea. Malraux, Meyerhold, Eisenstein, Prokofiev (2011)
• Beyond the Horizons of Prokofiev’s Diary: About Gorchakov (2011)

Author’s articles, compilation and scholarly editing of materials for the collections:
• Sergei Prokofiew. Beitrage zum Thema (Duisburg, 1990); Sergey Prokofiev. Diaries. Letters. Conversations. Memories (Moscow, 1991). Among them: Evgenia Taratuta’s memoirs; “Svyatoslav Prokofiev telling about his parents” (a conversation of the composer’s son with Natalia Savkina)
• “Every happy family…” (Moscow, 2013; The Three Oranges Journal, No. 21, May 2013; On Sergei Prokofiev’s 125th Anniversary: Letters, Documents, Articles, Memories. Moscow, 2017)
• Prokofiev’s thanatos (Moscow, 2014)
• “One has to orchestrate for a standard orchestra” or How many ballets did Sergei Prokofiev compose? (Moscow, 2017)
• “Yea, Though I Walk Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death…”: An Introduction to Prokofiev’s Thanatology. In: Rethinking Prokofiev. Eds: Ch. Guillaumier, R. McAllister (Oxford University Press, 2020)
Why Prokofiev Returned in the USSR?

Participation in various conferences in Russia and abroad: Cologne, Manchester, Durham, Louisiana, New York, and other cities.

Scripts for documentaries and TV films:
The Cinderella (1981)
• “The simple-hearted man with gray eyes”: on Prokofiev’s centennial (1991)
• Gennady Rozhdestvensky (2001)

Participation in the documentaries:
• »Verschlossene Heimat« (TVs of Germany and France, 1997)
• “Sergei Prokofiev. Between the Two Worlds” (Russia’s TV, 2011)
• “Prokofiev is ours” (2016)
Also participated in the TV programs Observer, Perfect Pitch and others.

Natalia Savkina consulted the sculptor Andrei Kovalchuk in the course of his work on Prokofiev’s monument in Kamergersky Lane (Moscow).
Her writings aroused the interest of such prominent Russia’s conductors as Yevgeny Svetlanov (“Muzyka segodnya”. Мoscow, 1985, p. 134) and Gennady Rozhdestvensky (Pis'mo ministru. In: Izvestia, 19.06.2001).
Prof. R. McAllister (UK) wrote about Natalia Savkina: “Her research has received numerous grants and awards. She is an internationally recognized authority on the music of Prokofiev and other aspects of twentieth-century Russian music.” In: Rethinking Prokofiev. Eds.: Ch. Guillaumier, R. McAllister (Oxford University Press, 2020; p. xxiv).



Author of more than 130 publications. Among them:

  • Monograph “S.S.Prokofiev”. Published: Moscow — 1981, 1982; Bulgaria — 1984; USA — 1984; Germany — 1984, 1993
  • Articles on Sergei Prokofiev, the composers of Russian emigration, on the 20th century Russian  music — in the collections of research Moscow State Conservatory: 1976, 1977, 1986, 1987, 1990, 1991, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2007; in the  periodicals “Musical Life” — 1987, 1991; “Soviet Music” (“Musical Academy”) — 1990, 1998; “Muzyka” (Poland) — 1993; in the Encyclopaedia “The Golden Pages of the Russian Emigration” — 1997; in the newspapers (“Izvestia”, “Bolshoi  Theatre”  and others).
  • Introduction for the score of “Maddalena” (first edition in Russia), 1993.
  • Introduction for the S. Prokofiev`s “Autobiography”. “Classica-21”. Moscow 2007.
  • Articles and the documents for: “S.S.Prokofiev.  Diary.  Letters.  Conversations.  Memoirs”. Moscow, 1991.

    Publications in English, German, French, Polish:

  • “Back in the USSR” // Three Oranges Journal (London), 2001, № 1.
  • “The significance of Christian Science in Prokofiev`s life and work” // Three Oranges Journal (United Kingdom), 2005, № 10.
  • Some Materials Relating to Prokofiev`s Life Abroad. // Fontes Artis Musicae. Journal of the International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres (IAML). 53/3. July-September 2006. P. 214–219.
  • Opera Sergiusza Prokofjewa “Magdalena”. // Muzuka. Kwartalnik poswiecony historii I teorii muzyki. Polska Akademia nauk. Instytut sztuki. 1993, № 1. S. 69–85.
  • Articles and documents for: Sergei Prokofiev. Beitrage  zum Thema. Dokumente-Interpretationen. Programme. Das Werk”.  Duisburg, 1990.
  • The article on the Prokofiev`s opera works in the booklet for the Prokofiev Festival. London, 1997.
  • The article about V. Dukelski for the CD booklet. Netherlands Theatre Choir, Residentie Orchestra the Hague, G.Rozhdestvensy conductor. Chandos Records limited. 
  • Scientific  Conferences Reports — conferences at the Moscow Conservatoire and other, lectures given in the Russian concert halls, theatres, univercities, museums, the  Russian Parliament. Papers at the Prokofiev`s All-World Simposiums:  “Neue Wege bei der Erforschung der Biographie Prokofiews. Tagebuch, 13 Januar — 25. Marz 1927. Cologne, 1991.
  • “Prokofiev and the Christian Science”. Royal Northen College of Music. Manchester, 2003.

TV scenarios:

  • Script for the program about S. Prokofiev`s “Cinderella”. Central TV, 1981;
  • Script for the documentary film “The Simple-hearted Man with the Grey Eyes”. Central TV, Moscow, 1991.
  • Script for the documentary “Gennadi Rozhdestvensky”. TV channel “Coultura”, 2001.

Taking part in the documentary film about Prokofiev «Verschlossene Heimat». Germany — France, 1999.

Articles and sleeve-notes for the compact-discs, concert  and  theatre booklets. Among them — the article for the world premiere of the 1st version of  Prokofiev`s “Gambler”. Bolshoi theatre. Moscow 2001. Artistic director and main conductor G. Rozhdestvensky.

Critical essays on musical and theatrical life nowadays — in the periodicals. Among them — Password: Rozhdestvensky (Literaturnaia gazeta, 2001, 18–24 July).


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