Foreign Students

First foreign students entered Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory in the late 1950-s.

Since that time more than 4500 graduates from 85 countries contributed a lot into development of music art all over the world. At present  time many of them regarded as masters of world art culture of the 20th and 21th centuries. Among them there are  number of outstanding musicians who achieved great  popularity both in their country and abroad — such as Nicolai Gyaurov (Bulgaria), Beatris Parra (Equador), Kertis Watson (Jamaika), cellist Jaklin Dju Pre (UK), pianists Radu Lupu (Rumainia), Ivo Poghorelich (Jugoslavia), Lju Shi Kun (China), Arthur Moreira-Lima (Brasil), Dan Thai Shon (Vietnam).

Among the graduates of the Moscow Conservatory there are  composers Nobue Terahara (Japan), Nicolas Economu (Cyprus), U Dzun Chan (China), conductors Nghuen Trong Bang (Vietnam), Lin Tao and Go Mo Yun (China), winner of Herbert Karoyan competition Kim Irr Zhin (Korea), the chief conductor of the State Equador Orchestra Alvaro Mansano, and many others.

Some of the graduates of the Moscow Conservatory received high positions as rectors of musical colleges and academies of their countries: Nguen Trong Bang in Hanoi (Vietnam), Luis Martines in Santader (Spain), Vassos Agrirridis in Cyprus, rector of Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory in the city of Ghuyakil (Equador), Reinaldo Kanijsares, Rector of Hanoi Conservatory Chan Thu Bak Ha (Vietnam), Pak Kurion (Japan), a University professor in Tokio. These musicians successfully represent  best traditions of Russian music  school.

A vast number of foreign students  have won prizes at the most prestigious international music competitions. Among them there are the names of Ghifford Duncan (Australia), prof.L. Vlasenko`s student, Juji Kitano (Japan), Prof. E. Richter`s student, Pan Itsung (China), prof. E. Grach`s student, Do Fjiong Nji (Vietnam) prof. M. Yashvilly`s graduate, Nguen Nguet Thu (Vietnam) prof. Yu. Bashmet`s graduate, Li En Son (South Korea) ass. Prof. P. Gluboky`s student, Silvia Kukurullo (Italy) prof. L. Naumov`s student, Ernandes Martines Hose Huan (Mexico), prof. Yu. Vorontsov`s student, Lim Don Min and Lim Don Hek (South Korea) Prof. L. Naumov`s students, Bui Kong Zui (Vietnam) Prof. I. Bochkova’s student, Czian Shanjun (China) assoc. Prof. B. Kudryavtsev’s student, Hiroko Inoue (Japan) Prof. Shtarkman’s student, Yamamoto Akiko (Japan) Prof. Voskresensky’s student, Kastro Migel Anhel (Spain) Prof. Dorensky’s student, Tanaka Masaiya (Japan) Prof. M. Voskresensky’s student, Dmitry Onishenko (Ukraine) assoc. Prof A. Diev, Mun Ken Shin (KNDR) prof V. Ivanov’s student.

From 1956  to 2001, 29 PhD and 1 Doctorate dissertations by foreign students were issued at the Moscow Conservatory.
More than 30 have sent their students to Conservatory: from South Korea, Japan, USA, China, Yugoslavia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Australia, Brazil, Spain, Mexico, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Lebanon, Venezuela, Malta, Hong Kong, Croatia, Greece, Cyprus, Poland etc.

The education acquired by the foreign students in the Moscow Conservatory with the worldly famous professors opens new perspectives for their future teaching and performance career.